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“Was I an overachiever? A type 'A' personality? Perhaps I was, but I refuse to believe that...."

Updated: May 29, 2021

........"the word ‘ambition’ and the word ‘woman’ equates us women to be selfish, egotistical, and conceited to one’s own gain,” said Nancy Paris, the main character in A Woman of Culture. (Chapter 3, page 16)

Nancy Paris is a woman for all women. As a boss she fought for women under her leadership to rise in the corporate ladder. As a Senior Manager she put her male boss, Ross in his place when he threw relentless sexist comments her way. As a single woman she stood on her own two feet by getting a great education and launching her dream career. As a wife she fought with her husband and in-laws against traditions and cultural differences that she felt were not going to apply to her: a 21st century woman. As a mother she did her utmost best to balance a career and motherhood. As a daughter she forgave the most unforgiveable secret.

Women should not be felt to minimize their goals, hopes, dreams nor themselves. Rather, they should be celebrated for it. An ambitious woman in today's society must be supported, lifted up and be celebrated - Nancy knew this and so much more. Long gone are the days when a woman needs to be less then who she is, be someone who she's not and be looked down upon at as selfish, egotistical and conceited to one's own gain for merely being herself. For what? For who and to whom?

Nancy Paris in 'A Woman of Culture' represents who we are as women and she does not apologize for it. So I stand with you and salute women everywhere who are going for their dreams, who are not apologizing for it and are looking forward and not sideways or backwards to those who may wish to cast a shadow on those hopes and dreams.

Women everywhere we salute you! Go for your own gain and do not apologize for it! #womenpower


CC. Carpenter

Women's Fiction Author

A Woman of Culture: A Novel

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